Always one idea ahead with our gluten-free premium products

As a trade partner of JOWA AG, HUTTWILER glutenfree offers you a diverse and innovative range that is guaranteed to impress with the finest Swiss quality and delicious taste – and opens up new sales potential for you.

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Sales promotion and advertising

Perfectly informed! In order to ensure that your customers can gain information on the HUTTWILER glutenfree brand and the products you stock, we offer you the opportunity to create a flyer in various formats with your logo and the range you stock. We also have counter displays in two different sizes, which provide a brief overview of our frozen range. Take advantage of this offer in order to advertise your store and HUTTWILER glutenfree. This is part of our service package. Perfectly presented! With the 1/4 CHEP display from HUTTWILER glutenfree, you obtain a small sales unit that can be stocked with various combinations of dry bread and baked goods: toast bread, baguettes, bread rolls and cakes.

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The 1/4 pallet display

This sales unit is available in various sizes, along with different combination options for dry bread and baked goods. Ask our sales team for more information. We’d be happy to prepare your desired sales unit.

The counter display – small and large

The counter display advertises bread and baked goods. It presents the products as cardboard cut-outs, since the real products are frozen and cannot be stocked on the counter. The counter display is available in two different sizes. The small one presents just one product cut-out, whilst the larger one has two. The display also includes a brief range overview in A6 format.

Flyers – exactly the way you want them

Our flyers are available in DL, A4 or A5, for frozen or dry bread and baked goods. We’d be happy to produce your requested format with your selected range. You can also customise the flyers with your logo.

We are here for you

With HUTTWILER glutenfree, you can offer your customers a diverse and innovative gluten-free range which, with the finest Swiss quality and delicious taste, is guaranteed to impress. For further information please contact us.


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