Deep frozen and warmly received: our super-safe baking bag

‘i’m not the baking bag.
I’m just a really hip bag!’

Producing gluten-free foods requires meticulous care. Starting with the use of 100% controlled ingredients, through the strict safety requirements in our own, exclusively gluten-free production plant, all the way to packaging. The packaging design promises spongy elasticity and delicious pleasure. And quite right, too! After all, our entire product preparation is focussed on ensuring enjoyment. Practical individual packaging – the innovative baking bag for frozen products – not only locks in flavour, but also makes everyday life so much easier.

Ideal for both at home and on the go, the baking bag by HUTTWILER glutenfree is very easy to use. Thanks to the special film on the closed baking bag, our individually packaged frozen baked goods can be freshly prepared in the oven alongside other products containing gluten. Afterwards, the warm, crisp delicacies can simply be placed in the bag in the same bread basket as conventional bakery products. The baking bag offers reliable protection from contamination, thus ensuring that a completely safe product arrives on your plate.

We offer bread rolls, bread and cakes in baking bags – ensuring that our delicious range spans everything from sweet to hearty products. Quick, crisp and 100% gluten-free.

Our deep-frozen range

The baking bag offers you many advantages:

  • It offers 100% protection against contamination with products containing gluten,
  • It enables simultaneous baking with products containing gluten
  • It locks in flavour, guaranteeing that the products taste particularly delicious and
  • It ensures simple portioning, since every baked good is individually packaged.
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Well distinguished

For our entire product range, we work in close collaboration with the IG Zöliakie association. As a brand of JOWA AG, HUTTWILER glutenfree is registered as a producer with IG Zöliakie der deutschen Schweiz under the license number CH-018. Therefore, all of our products carry the official gluten-free symbol (a crossed-out ear of wheat in a circle). The license to use this symbol is only granted by the Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS) if their criteria are met.

AOECS IG Zöliakie

Since it is unfortunately rare for an allergy to appear on its own and gluten intolerance is often associated with other allergies, our baked goods are not only gluten-free, but also lactose- and wheat-free.