Our philosophy of gluten-free pleasure

HUTTWILER glutenfree is a brand by JOWA AG, the leading producer of bread and baked products in Switzerland. Our aim is to offer nutritious, tasty and certified gluten-free products in order to guarantee all people who need or want to follow a gluten-free diet the safety they need for the carefree enjoyment of bread and baked products.

We place utmost importance on safety. Nevertheless, taste, pleasure and quality of life are also indispensable ingredients. We engage in constant research and development to improve taste further and enhance our customers’ joie de vivre. Our motto is ‘Discover the new gluten freedom.’ Gluten-free living really can be this simple.

  • Gluten is an important ingredient in the baking and confectionery industry, since it ensures elasticity, structure and flavour.

  • Our many years of experience have helped us to find equivalent, natural substitutes for gluten.

  • Since gluten intolerance is often associated with other intolerances, our products are also lactose- and wheat-free.

  • Currently our range consists of bread and baked products. Further product types and ranges are planned.

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The finest Swiss quality


As a Swiss company, we feel a particularly close bond to our indigenous nature. It has sharpened our senses for pure ingredients, an original taste, and the careful treatment of natural resources. With full consideration for sustainability.

Our quality standards are particularly strict concerning allergens and contamination. We place utmost important on freshness, quality and hygiene. Our aim is to ensure that every customer is satisfied and can enjoy our delicious gluten-free products with complete peace of mind, because our immutable quality is unfailingly reliable.


An overview of some of our quality standards:

Around 28 specially trained employees from bakers through food engineers to mechanics work in the production plant in Huttwil. Each staff member is responsible for the quality of their work, and must adhere to stringent conduct and hygiene guidelines.

Systematic quality controls and quality assurance measures are an inherent part of every step of the production process.

All of our products are packaged in our clean room. This not only guarantees safety, but also a gentle preservation process.

They say food has to be a feast for the eyes, too, and this is why we not only want our products to taste good, but also to look good. As a company with a deep-rooted baking tradition, we also put great emphasis on the crust and the crumb.

We could list many other quality standards, but it’s much more interesting to mention that we also work very closely with the IG-Zöliakie coeliac organisation.

Gluten-free symbol

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